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Hebrew Made Simple

As when learning any language, learning Hebrew can and will have its challenges. Considered as a sacred language it comes from the Semitic family of languages of which its ancient form is still used in prayer and study. Learning Hebrew can be both rewarding and frustrating so choosing a learning method that offers you the simplest form of understanding is without doubt the way to go. Spending a little time researching courses and classes is beneficial as it will help you decided which is the right option […]

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Benefits of Learning Hebrew

The main benefit of learning a second language is that of being able to communicate with others in their native language. Hebrew is considered to be one of the most difficult languages to learn and requires a lot of study but once mastered, even if only at a basic level it can be very rewarding. Hebrew is not just an ancient language, often studied by those wanting to be able to read old historic documents and learn more about cultural heritage, it is also a modern language […]

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Ways to Learn Hebrew

There are many ways to learn Hebrew and for many people it’s all about flexibility, convenience and enjoyment. The reasons for learning a second or even third language will vary from person to person but generally the ability to communicate and understand native speakers is foremost in our decision making. Depending on how far you intend to take your knowledge will influence your choice in learning methods. If you plan to use Hebrew in your work or everyday life then a more intense in depth course is […]

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